Tokyo is like a big kitchen with an abundance of chefs,

new and old, each cooking up their dish of the day.

Exploring Tokyo through its food will enrich anyone’s experience.

This guide book was created with the intention of helping people enjoy and make the most of the city.

Yuri Nomura(eatrip)

edited by TRANSIT

Tokyo Eatrip

A food focused guide to Tokyo
through the eyes of food co-ordinator
Yuri Nomura

- Yuri Nomura’s selection of places to eat in Tokyo / 57shops
- Local maps with restaurant and shopping information / 14areas, 168 spots
- The ultimate beginner’s guide to Japanese cuisine / Sushi, Soba etc.

Bilingual Guide

1st edition_9.March 2018 sale
2nd edition_30.March 2020 sale
Sales Agency:Kodansha
Publisher:euphoria factory
A total Page Number:286p
Author:Yuri Nomura
Art Director:Naomi Hirabayashi


A food focused guide that will make you fall in love with Tokyo

Born and raised in Tokyo, Yuri Nomura runs “restaurant eatrip” in Harajuku. This guide is a collection of restaurants she frequents in her daily life as a food specialist. From her favorite confectionary shops to Japanese soul food eateries near the Tsukiji market, the selection is as broad as it is extensive. By introducing diverse neighborhoods such as Shibuya, Ginza, Tsukiji, Roppongi, Sangenjyaya and Nishi-Ogikuo, the book highlights some of the distinct characteristics of the city as well. With informative notes on Japanese cuisine and maps with walking guides, this book is perfect for anyone wanting to delve deeper into the city’s food culture, whether they be a first time visitor or Tokyo born and bred.


Yuri Nomura

Food Creative team “eatrip” Director

Yuri’s venture into the food industry began early in life with the influence of her mother’s traditional Japanese cooking classes. She moved to England in 1998 and after training at several restaurants she wound up in Berkeley, California in 2010 to work in the kitchen at Chez Panisse. In 2012 she opened restaurant eatrip in Tokyo. Yuri also writes for magazines, teaches cooking classes, directs catering events, and is a radio MC. She directed the food documentary “eatrip” in 2009 and also authored a book, “eatlip gift” “Shunkashuto Oishi Techo”.